Complete Patient Management System

With a simple and intuitive interface, you are able to painlessly control patient flow from registration, appointment, medication, prescription, service provision, payment to checkout.

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Self-hosted or Hosted

You can choose between hosting and running your own copy of Ward366 or one of our available hosted solutions.

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Online or offline

Our Patient Management System is a state-of-the-art software solution built with modern web technologies. The innovative software can be deployed on any local computer or in the cloud.

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Patient Management system
What you will get


Ward366 is packed with many features to help you effectively manage your patients. These are notable

Appointment system

With a builtin calender module you are able to manage patients' care flow from booking an appointment to checkout with unbelievable ease.

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Payment system

Record payment for prescriptions, medications and services provided to your patients. You are able to delegate payment processing.

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Medication management

Manage your list of medications. The system keeps and manages your stock history and provides a database for prescription.

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Patient Record

Ward366 enables you to collect and keep a comprehensive record of your client information and enables you to easily retrieve it.

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Prescription system

With the Prescription system, doctors can prescribe both medications and treatments targeting specific medical conditions.

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Provision system

The Provision system enables doctors, nurses, management and service providers to effectively refer and provide hospital services to patients.

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Even more!


As you would expect, Ward366 also has User management system, Reporting system, Department management, Patient Notes, Vital Signs and many more...

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